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Welcome to EncoreCCM, the online archive of The Chamber Musiciansʼ recorded music for the past 22 seasons. Here you will find a comprehensive list of recordings from The Chicago String Quartet, Composer Perspectives, Freshly Scored and CCMʼs subscription concert performances since the 1988/1989 season. The listings are searchable by artist name, composer, instrument, piece name and date of the performance. Most, but not all, of the works listed have flash music files where you can listen to the performance on your computer. CCM hopes that you enjoy listening to the artistry and excellence that has been the hallmark of our organization for over 20 years. Enjoy!

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Recently Added Pieces

Stucky, Steven (1949-) Piano Quartet

Lutoslawski, Witold(1913-1994) Partita

Ravel, Maurice(1875-1937) Piano Trio in A minor

Thank you to our Sponsors

EncoreCCM was supported by The Saints, the Artswork Fund for Organizational Development and the James S. Kemper Foundation. Special thanks to Katherine Erwin and Morgan Hubach for leading staff and volunteer efforts, and to the interns and volunteer testers for their many hours of work on this project.

Featured Composer

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Gabrieli, Giovanni

Audio_on Sonata Pian' e Forte
Audio_on Canzona per Sonare No. 1 for brass quartet (La Spirita)
Audio_on Canzona Noni Toni a 12 for winds, brass and strings
Audio_on Sonata XIII a8 from Canzoni e Sonate
Audio_on Sonata XXI from Canzoni e Sonate
Audio_on Sonata Pian e Forte from Sacrae Symphoniae
Audio_on Canzon in double echo a12 from Sacrae Symphoniae